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About Me

Hi! I'm Emily, a personal style blogger living on the seacoast of New England with my (new!) husband, Mike, and our wild fur child, Libby! I started Style Cubby in the spring of 2014 as a way to document my daily style! Ever since I can remember friends and family have constantly asked "where did you get that?" or "I would never have thought to pair those pieces together" so it seemed like a natural extension to create a space to share my fashions with everyone!


  1. Love your blog and style so far. I'm also a Boston Blogger...okay will stop stalking you now
    k at

  2. Your adorable! Also had the luxury of living in Boston for a summer..unreal
    Martina xx

  3. I was just in Boston in July! I'm actually thinking of moving up there... not sure yet though! I'm scared of the Boston winters, haha!

    Rachel Lately | Austin Life + Style Blog

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  5. Just stumbled across your blog! I am a new Boston blogger. I love seeing some of my favorite local spots on your blog! :)


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