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Lace and Bows

Thursday, December 7, 2017


The lace, the bows, the navy, this might be one of my favorite recent looks. This shirt can definitely feel more summer-y (and I'll definitely be wearing it next summer!) but with the right accessories it can be made cold-weather appropriate too. I love that this look is pretty much monotone but with the bows, stripes, lace, jean, and puffer vest, the different textures help the look not feel too boring since it's all one color. 

This top is from Shein, which can sometimes be hard to shop so if you're shopping from them here are my tips:
1. Check the material - a lot of their stuff is 100% polyester but I usually look for the blends or if you're lucky, 100% cotton items are best!
2. Read the size chart - nothing is sized the same but the size charts are usually spot on. I've ordered some small, some large, some medium, it's always different.
3. Read reviews - my #1 tip - there are usually a good number of reviews and people are honest. There are times I think I've found a gem only to read not so positive reviews and on the flip side I've loved some items that had hundreds of positive reviews!

All in all, the stuff is comparable to Forever 21 quality but even cheaper and if you take you're time and follow the steps above, it will help finding the good stuff!

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