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Home for the Holidays

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sweater c/o / Jeans / Booties c/o / Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 / Earrings 

Growing up is weird. You're life is constantly changing, choices are harder to make, and priorities become new. Now that we have a baby, we have decided to spend Christmas morning with just us three at our house. I am so excited to spend a quiet morning in our new house with our new little girl but I still can't help but feel a little weird about it all. I think because this is the first year that "home" is a totally new place. 

If you call "home" from my phone, it still goes to my parents house, and until recently that is what I defined as "home". I moved a lot in my twenties, mostly throughout apartments in Boston and then more recently, I moved into my husband's house before we got married. We spent most of 2016 living in my in-law's basement (we sold the first home) while we built the home we live in now so I never stayed anywhere long enough for it to feel like "home". We moved at the very end of last November so our house was still new for the holiday's and didn't yet quiet feel like "home". Fast forward one year and this house more than feels like home. Maybe it's because we built it from the ground up, maybe it's because this is where we brought home our little girl, or maybe it's a combination of everything but I'm just excited to be "home for the holiday's" for the first time. 

We spent this past weekend putting finishing touches on the Christmas decorations in our home and then walked around downtown before watching the Christmas parade. It was the perfect, relaxing, family weekend. I wore these new booties, which might be the most commutable booties I own. This was the first day I wore them and they needed no breaking in and feet were fine all day! I actually don't own any back leather booties so it was time to add some to the mix. 

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  1. i feel like i was apart of this post cause i saw you in that outfit. soooooo awesome!


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