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Weekend Mornings

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


We've started a new weekend morning tradition of going to get coffee and breakfast downtown, really early while it's still quiet and peaceful. Since the baby wakes up around 6:30am, we will head downtown after her first feeding to grab coffee, a quick breakfast, and go for a stroll. It's so fun and different to see downtown in a different light and is the perfect, relaxing way to kick off the weekends. Do I wish we started this tradition when it was still relatively warm out? Sure do. But that only means it's going to be even better in the spring. 

This past weekend, I wore this new sweater from Target. I've always been a Target lover (who isn't?) but their new line, A New Day, is seriously becoming an issue for my wallet. Everything is so on trend, really affordable, and the quality is better than most of my past Target clothing purchases. This sweater is my favorite blush color and I'm loving the detailing on the back. Makes an otherwise plain sweater, pretty fun! The sweater itself is almost a towel material but in a good way, you won't get too hot when wearing it. In case you're curious I also have this sweatshirt tunic (in pink and grey), this sweatshirt (love the mock neck!), and this skirt (so fun for a Christmas party!) and I'm sure there will be more to come. Anyone else loving this new line? 
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