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What to Give at a Baby Shower

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Storage Bin / Bows / Onsie / Blanket / Bottle / Spoons / Book / Pineapple (all c/o Baby Cubby)

Now that my friends have started to have babies and we welcomed our own little girl in May, I feel like I've gotten a good handle on this whole baby shower thing and figured out how to craft the perfect gift. Today I've put together a gift basket (or technically storage bin) for a baby girl with a little of everything inside. It's a great alternative to getting just one big item. Instead you can get a few of the little things on the registry and even throw a few gifts momma might not know she wants.  This basket is about $150 worth of items so it's also the perfect gift to split with friends and give a group gift! 

Everything I'm sharing is from my friends over at Baby Cubby. I wish I knew about this site before my shower because they have the best of everything and you can register right on their site!

Kickee Pants onsie - Hands down the softest pajamas out there. We have a few pairs and Poppy sleeps in them every night. They are the perfect weight for summer and almost feel cool to the touch. I included a grey Kickee Pants onsie in 3-6 mo. as I found that we received the most clothes in 0-3mo. so gifting items for a little older is a great thought! 

Pom pom storage bin - Everyone can use more storage, whether they end up using the bin for toys, books, or even on the changing table to hold diaper rash cream, lotion, etc. it won't go unused. For both baby and weddings showers, I love gifting with a useful item, in this case a cute pink pom pom bin! 

Bows - What little girl wouldn't look adorable in a bow? I loved the colors of these for fall/winter but there are tons of other color options in this 3 pack. 

Super soft blanket - One thing we did receive an abundance of was blankets. Which is ironic because babies aren't even supposed to use them/sleep with them anymore. This blanket is actually smaller and more like a "lovie" that a baby can use as they grow older. I loved the idea that it's still a super soft blanket but in a size for the baby to hold and love on rather than another blanket that can't be used in the crib. 

Bottle - One piece of advice I received from a friend when registering was to register for a few different brands of bottles and binkys because you never know what your child is going to prefer. This is just one bottle so it's perfect for momma to try out and if her baby loves them, she can always purchase more! 

Spoons - We didn't register for anything for feeding Poppy when she gets a little older, it honestly didn't even cross my mind so now I will always include a little something for when that time comes. I loved the long handle on these spoons, it seems like it would be really easy to scoop into a jar/container without the food getting everywhere. 

Tickle Monster book - A lot of showers (including my own) I've been to lately have asked everyone to bring a book rather than a card, which I love! I loved reading as a kid and I hope my children do as well so having a well stocked library is essential. This book looked hilarious and I can't wait to read it with Poppy when she gets a little older. 

Pineapple Rattle - Honestly I just thought this rattle was super cute! It was an extra fun little piece to throw in the mix but is also useful when the baby gets a little older. Maybe they can start a band and use this as a maraca! 

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