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My Secret to Clean Hair

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Last night, Mike's mom volunteered to watch the little girl while we went to dinner. Of course she had been extremely fussy all day, was eating almost every hour, and never wanted to be put down. I was worried about leaving her (for the first time) for a few hours since my day had been so exhausing. However, Grandma's have a special touch and she napped perfectly the entire time, go figure. It was our first date night since Poppy came into our lives and it felt odd to be out without her but it was really, really nice. It did take me two hours to get ready, which is so not typical for me. At one point I had half a head of hair curled, mascara on one eye, and I was nursing her on the floor of the bedroom while singing lullabies because she was so hungry and fussy. It was a sight to see, I'll tell ya. 

These days dry shampoo is my bff. Having clean, styled hair with a new baby is essentially impossible so I'm often trying to keep a style going longer by loading up on dry shampoo. However, I have another secret, hats. They are perfect for a second, third, fourth day hair since they mask the roots which tend to be the greasiest part. I was searching for a dress to wear to a wedding recently and stumbled across this hat in store. I had been on the look out for a wide brim, boater hat for the past few years and never pulled the trigger. While the brim night be a little flimsy, I love the look of this hat. It's not overwhelming, I can see my entire peripheral, yet it keeps my face shaded. It's the perfect addition to throw-on-and-go with any outfit. 

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