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Three Favorite Big Ticket Baby Registry Items

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

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I thought registering for a wedding was overwhelming and then we registered for a baby shower. From strollers (joggers, light weight, double) to swaddles (zippers, Velcro, hands in, hands out) there is an insane number of options for every single category. Narrowing down what to register for was nearly impossible plus every baby/house/parent is different and thus what works for one family/baby might not work for the next. We asked friends what their favorite products were, read reviews, and I checked out advice from some of my favorite mommy bloggers and we still didn't feel confident in our registry. Eventually we just let it be knowing full well we could return/exchange if something didn't work for us. 

Poppy is seven weeks today (where does time go?!?) and I decided to round up my top favorite items that we registered for. She's still an infant and doesn't use too many items so I kept the list short with my top 3 favorite and most used products. I also kept it to the more pricey registry items that in my opinion are 150% worth the investment. Binky's are a dime dozen and cheap so if you're baby doesn't like one brand, there are a dozen other pacifier brands but investing in the big ticket items is a little trickier. However, I will also be sharing a general list of all the things we love for 0-3 mo. once we pass the three month milestone, so stay tuned for that!

Halo Bassinest - We knew (and were advised) that we wanted her to sleep in our room for about 6 months, so finding a bassinet that would work for that long was essential. A few of our friends had used the Rock n Play (which we also love) in their bedroom instead of a true bassinet but I wasn't sure she would be able to fit in it comfortably for six months. We also have a dog, Libby, who sleeps in our room and I didn't want her low enough where Libby could get to her. I'd seen a ton of bloggers and Youtuber's review and rave about the Halo Bassinest with the only real downfall being the size of the base. The base is huge and definitely a little large for the room we have in our master but its necessary for keeping the bassinet so sturdy. I love how high it is, she's at eye level to me when laying down, so I can easily check on her without getting up. I also love the mesh sides, it allows me to sleep soundly knowing it's so breathable. 

Dockatot - We originally registered for this expecting to use it in the Halo Bassinest. I had heard great things about using it in the bassinet and then their crib, it would make for an easy transition from our room to her nursery when the time came. However, our hospital sends the VNA to all patient's houses two days after they go home for a quick physical of the mom, baby, and allow the parents to ask any and all questions. The nurse who came to our house saw the Dockatot in the bassinet and recommended we only use it when she can be supervised since it wasn't approved yet by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Aka if we're asleep, she shouldn't be in it. I know so many people use it and have their babies sleep in it every night and that was fully our intention but after she told us that, I couldn't bring myself to let her sleep in it overnight. However, we've found we still LOVE it. We put it on the dining room table and she lays in it while we have meals, I'll put it on the island for her to lay in while I cook, and we bring it to family/friends houses when we visit so we have a safe place to lay her down. I also think once she's fully able to roll over/hold her head up, I might feel better about her sleeping at night in it but she's also a crazy good sleeping (I don't know how we got so lucky!) so I'm not sure she even needs it. 

Motorola Baby Monitor - I think it's pretty unanimous that every registry should have a baby monitor on it but like everything else there is an overwhelming number of options these days. You can get wifi monitors that connect to an app, monitors with screens to view your baby, or old school monitors that are just sound. We had no idea which would be best so when Motorola offered to send us their latest and greatest model, I was all in. Poppy doesn't yet sleep in her nursery so we haven't fully experienced it, but I love that the monitor has a super large, high definition screen. I feel confident I'll be able to see her and monitor her while she slumbering away on her own. I also love that the monitor's screen tells you the temperature of the room, it has a two way radio so you can talk to your baby, and you can control the camera to zoom, pan, or tilt to get a better view. I'm sure I'll be glued to the screen for the first couple days after we move her into the nursery! 

For all you mom's out there, what were your top registry items and any soon-to-be mom's what's on your list? 

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  1. I love the halo bassinest. We borrowed one from a friend and it's been great. Fair warning, though, she might grow out of it before 6 months. My daughter is 15 weeks, 13 lbs, and maybe 24 or 25 inches and she's going to grow out of it soon :(


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