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Clae Pink Leather Shoes

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Unless I'm working out or being active, I rarely reach for sneakers as part of my outfit. I do have a pair of converse that I'll reach for (and think they look super cute with a sundress!) but they honestly aren't the most comfortable footwear. Maybe I haven't broken them in enough but I always wind up with blisters. I've been on the lookout for a comfortable pair of sneakers that don't take a lot of breaking in and had yet to find a pair, until these. My brother-in-law's friend works for Clae and introduced my husband, Mike, to these sneakers back in the spring. I'm always curious to learn about new brands, especially when they are smaller and less known, and I'm always down for supporting them so when I saw these pink shoes, I knew I had to try them out! When they arrived, the leather was softer than I could have imagined and even cuter in person. 

This past weekend we went down to Newburyport to meet up with friends for lunch. I knew we'd be walking around downtown a bit so I decided to test out these new sneakers. I loved the way they looked but if we're being honest, I brought a back up pair of sandals that I totally expected to change into at some point throughout the day. However, I was extremely surprised at how comfortable they were and how there was no "breaking in" time required! The sandals were never used. While I wore them with a simple tank and shorts here, they are also super cute paired with a dress or skirt too, I've been wearing them non stop!

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