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Blue Ruffle Skirt

Thursday, July 27, 2017


I've always been more of a dress than skirt person but now that I'm nursing, I find it easier and more convenient to wear a shirt I can lift up, rather than a dress I have to pull down. Being a breast feeding momma, I think that nursing in public should be a "normal" thing and we shouldn't have to cover up but since it isn't, I find that pulling up a shirt to nurse with a cover on is less revealing and easier to get the baby to her food when she's hungry. It took me a while to accept the fact that dresses are just not going to always work which I was totally fighting since I love them so much. 

Since I can't wear dresses as much, I decided skirts would be my new thing. I actually only owned about 4 skirts all of which had zippers and hook and eye closures, which didn't make it easy to nurse, so I set out on a mission for some pull on skirts. I found this one for less than $30 and loved the colors and pattern, plus the waist is super stretchy making it really easy to nurse. I paired the skirt here with a simple tank top and jean vest but also would love this pattern with a good striped top. If you're not nursing, I think a navy and white striped body suit would be really cute too! 

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