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Blue Ikat Maxi Dress

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Dressing for a theme is definitely one of my favorite things. Maybe it has to do with how I loved playing dress up as a child or maybe it has to do with all the theme parties from college, but it's still something I get a little too excited for. This year, July 4th happened to fall on a Tuesday which made an extra long weekend of celebrations and even more time to dress in red, white, and blue. However, I do think anything red, white, and blue is totally appropriate all summer long #america. 

I wore this outfit to dinner one night during the long weekend with Mike and our little girl, Poppy. It was the first time that we brought her out to dinner on our own and she was go great! The hostess gave us a big corner booth, which was basically like the size of a couch, so we had an extra comfortable dinner as a family of three. 

This blue and white ikat dress was perfect to disguise my postpartum body with it's cinched waist and thick material. Pairing it with the red bag, really made everything pop and gave it a patriotic feel without screaming "American Flag". The ruffled hem is what instantly attracted me to it and I've been on the hunt for ruffled hem dresses ever sense, it's such a fun detail! Plus the straps can easily be removed if you need to breast feed (#momprobs). 
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