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Pink Flounce Sleeves + An Early Favorite Diaper Bag

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

H&M Top (bought in store, not online. Similar here, here, here and here) / Shorts / Sandals / Necklace / Earrings / Diaper Bag

Now that I'm feeling much better physically, I'm able to get out and about for longer periods of time so Mike and I have started a little tradition of going for a long walk after he gets out of work. Until I'm cleared to work out, it's really the only form of exercise I can get and I'm craving a good workout.   As a new mom, I'm learning that you can't be predictable anymore, so I've learned to come prepared for our nightly walks. Poppy might need to eat, be changed, need a new binky, or the ocean breeze might call for an extra blanket. This Fawn Design diaper bag is the perfect size to fit just enough for a few hours out of the house. 

We registered and received this bag for our shower and I know we will get a ton of use out of it for longer trips or once we have two little ones stuff to tote around but after playing around with it, I realized it was just too big for every day use. While browsing Instagram one night before baby came, I stumbled across these Fawn Design bags and immediately fell in love. I love that they are faux leather (so easy to clean), have lots of compartments to stay organized, it can be carried as a backpack or messenger bag, and it doesn't really look like a diaper bag. I originally wanted this beautiful light pink one but opted for gray so Mike would want to carry it as well. 

I'm working on a "what's in my diaper bag" post, but I want to give myself a little more time and a few more outings before I give advice on that. Also, #newmomproblems, that strap over the top of the bag, should hang down, but my attention to detail isn't as sharp as it once was ;) 

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