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Gift for First Time Grandmother

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Mother's Day this year fell just a few weeks before our due date and we knew we wanted to do something special for our mom's who were about to become grandmothers for the first time. The first thing I did was head over to Pinterest to look for ideas and inspiration. With no luck, I Googled and again had no luck finding present ideas for first time grandmothers, so I came up with my own idea. Introducing the "Grandma Survival Kit". 

We knew both grandmas would be spending time with the little girl and we wanted to make sure they were prepared for anything that might come their way. We started with a little bag, you could use any cosmetic style bag but we went with Seabags, a company out of Portland, Maine that makes the coolest bags, totes, etc. out of old sails. They just opened a storefront in our downtown and we're always about supporting local. 

In each bag we added:
- Travel Size Kleenex
- Travel Size Wipes
- Newborn diapers
- 1 Newborn Onsie
- 1 0-3mo Onsie
- a "Grandma Magnet" Bib
- Travel Hand Sanitizer 
- Tide to go 
- Binky

The Grandma Survival Kits were a hit and definitely made everyone super excited for what was about to come! 

P.S. If you missed my Instagram announcement, our little princess has arrived but we're just taking our time soaking in her newness before we focus on introducing her on the blog :) 

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