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Third Trimester Must Haves

Monday, May 22, 2017

I can't believe we are officially 39 weeks pregnant, it's slightly mind blowing that we will have a little one joining our family any day now! I am so anxious for the labor to start and I am constantly wondering if any little weird tick/pain could be the start. For an impatient person (who was so impatient, I was born prematurely) this waiting game is no joke. If you're a mamma-to-be or just curious about my thoughts on this last trimester, read below to find out more! 

I'm excited to say I haven't felt sick at all this trimester! There were a few days last week where I got nauseous after I ate breakfast but it only lasted a few days so I don't really think it counts as true "sickness".  

Weight Gain:
As of last Friday, I had gained a total of 23 pounds so far in the pregnancy, however my weight has fluctuated a bit this last trimester, I seem to be going up and then down each week. I also want to point out that everyone's body is different and to me, weight gain shouldn't really be something to focus on. You just have to trust your body knows what's it doing to best make a cozy home for and keep your baby safe and growing! 

Most of the third trimester I was eating back to normal (minus the foods my doctor had suggested pregnant women don't eat) until about week 37. If you'll remember from my first trimester, I was all about the salty, bland carbs and fruit, an I'm craving those things all over again. Fruit juice, smoothies, Popsicles, bagels, and pasta has been sounding real good to me. I think it's so interesting I'm craving at the end what I craved at the beginning! 

It should come as no surprise that this third trimester I am obviously showing :) I remember back in March we were shopping in Boston on a super cold day so I had my huge, puffy winter coat on and the salesman asked how far along I was. I think that was the first time anyone randomly asked me about it and I had a puffy coat on so it was definitely proof to me that I was really showing. I say to Mike almost every day "I don't know this bump is going to get any bigger but sure enough, it does!". 

I would still say I am not moody, I'm generally very happy, content, and feel like myself, as I have this whole pregnancy. However with that said, I could easily cry on command if I think about the right things. 

Okay - now on to the things that got me through this trimester! (Be sure to check out my first and second trimester must haves as most of those still apply!)

Hot Baths with some Dr. Teals Lavender - This trimester (around 30 weeks) I started showing signs of SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) which essentially means your public bone softens and relaxes early. It's very painful with movement and baths have been a life saver. They take some of the pain away, at least for a little while :) 

Prenatal Yoga - I started doing this at the end of the second/beginning of the third trimester and it was amazing. If you've ever done yoga before, this class was more about stretching and moving than it was about sweating and truly "working out". I always felt so relaxed at the end and it really helped with back pain! It was also really fun to meet with the same group of moms-to-be each week and have some people to relate to. 

Water - I've been a camel again this trimester and cannot seem to drink enough water. These water bottles are super cute for a mom-to-be! 

All the fruit - Even though this only started a few weeks ago, it's top of my mind as a craving. If I could drink a smoothie all day, everyday, I would. Besides water, I also cannot get enough fruit. 

Foot Rubs - Mike will rub my feet each night while we catch up on our DVR'ed shows. We've been using a lavender essential body oil and the scent with the mini massage if my favorite part of the night! I know everything can be relative but I haven't had any swelling in my feet or ankles and I'd like to think this is why but maybe it's just luck!
All the maxi dresses - now that it's finally getting warmer out, I am much more comfortable in maxi or midi dresses. They are easy to get on, stretch where I need them do, and keep my cool in the heat. I've purchased a few new ones, one size up, but am mostly wearing dresses I already owned! 

Sandals/Slip on shoes - it's no secret that it's harder to bend over when you get further along. Especially with the SPD, it really hurts to bend over to tie/zipper shoes so I've been living in my Jack Rogers and these super cute bow slides (on sale!)

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