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DIY Headband + Bow Holder

Thursday, May 11, 2017

When we found out we were having a little girl, one of the first things I did was go on Pinterest and look up nursery ideas. Since we just built our house and all the rooms were freshly painted, we knew we wanted to keep the room the creamy color it was, and accessorize the space to make it special for her. One thing I kept seeing pop up was headband or bow holders, just search it on Pinterest and you'll be overwhelmed by the options, which I thought could be a quick, easy, and useable DIY. I'd seen similar ones for sale for upwards of $150 dollars on Etsy but we were able to make this for less than $40. Below I'm sharing the items we used and the steps we took, bare with me as I've never shared a DIY before! 
Items Used:
Pine Boards - cut to 2 feet from Home Depot
Sand Paper  - 100 grit medium and 320 grit very fine 
Spray Paint - White and Pink
Ribbon of choice - From Michaels 
Dowel cut to a little over 2ft.  - From Michaels 
Dowel End Covers - From Michaels 
Curtain Hooks - we got these from Amazon
Screw Driver
Hot Glue
A Handsome Helper
1. First things first, Mike sanded down all sides of the boards really well. They were a little rough to begin with. 
2. Next he spray painted all sides of all the boards white and once dry, pink. He also spray painted the dowel and end covers at this time. 
3. Then we used the fine sand paper to sand some of the pink color off, revealing the white beneath it.  (Note: we might have used too many coats of pink for this to be effective, I would use a light layer)
4. Once dry, we measured where we wanted the ribbons to go and Mike drilled holes. 
5. I then tied the ribbon in a knot, leaving a longer end to push through the hole, and secured the ribbon by hot gluing the long end on the back side of the board. I did this for all three lengths of ribbon. (Note: I also ended up hot gluing the knots so they wouldn't slip)
6. Measure where you want the curtain hooks to go and drill them into place
7. Add hooks to the back and hang on wall
8. Fill with all the cute bows and headbands. Our headbands/bows are from here, here and here
9. We also plan on adding her initial to the board, next to the ribbons, but are waiting for her arrival to add that/share her name! 
That's it! Let me know if you recreate this, I would love to see! 
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