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Lace Off The Shoulder Top

Thursday, March 30, 2017


I've learned there comes a time in a pregnancy where you can't ignore maternity clothes any longer, I'm at that point. Earlier in my pregnancy I had purchased one pair of distressed skinny maternity jeans and a pair of maternity leggings but that's it. Otherwise I've been sizing up in tops or wearing looser tops I already owned that worked with the belly. After wearing the same jeans far too many times a week, I decided it was time for one more pair to get me to the end of this pregnancy. Luckily my friends at Ingrid and Isabel were nice enough to send me over a few items, including these boyfriend style jeans!

Ingrid and Isabel was a new to me brand. I had seen it a few times while browsing some websites but since I was trying to avoid maternity clothes, I didn't give it much thought. Well my friends, all their clothes are awesome. The materials are super soft, the styles are on trend which I feel a lot of maternity clothes are lacking, and they aren't going to break the bank. I've found for maternity jeans I prefer when the belly band covers my entire belly and these Ingrid and Isabel ones do just that with a super thick and stretchy fabric. The pair I had previously purchased also has this but it's much thinner and I've always worried I would rip the covering from pulling on it all the time but not the Ingrid and Isabel ones, they are super secure. Sizing tip: I did size down one from my normal jean size

This top is so cute, I would wear it pregnant or not and off the shoulder tops have been on trend for spring and summer for a few years now and I don't see that going away any time soon. I love the mauve-rose color, the lace detailing and the flowy body. I ordered a small based on the sizing chart and reviews but kind of wish I went with an xs, the top is very loose and has lots of room for a growing belly but I think it almost is too much room. I'm thinking had I styled it with my skinny jeans, I might like the fit better, I will try that next! 

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