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How I Style my Clip In Extensions

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hair Extensions Clip In c/o in Golden Blonde #14 / Free People Thermal (this year's version) / Necklace / Earrings / Curling Iron

The first time I wore hair extensions was on my wedding day. They were necessary to incorporate a thick braid and lots of curls into my look. I loved my hair that day and had it not been for extensions, I absolutely believe it would not have looked as good. I needed that volume/thickness! There have been a few events since that I've added extensions to my look but I've never incorporated them into my every day life. With all the pieces to clip in, it can just take too much time. 

Irresistible Me reached out about working together and I was so excited they had the Silky Touch line which includes one super large thick weft. This makes it easy and simple to incorporate extensions into your everyday look by just clipping in one weft. It instantly adds thickness and can make any hair style look just a little bit better. Whether it be a pony tail, a straight hair look, or a curled half up/half down look like I did here, it just adds that little something, something.

I started this look by combing out both my natural hair and the one thick weft so there were no tangles in either. I had second day hair so after loading my hair up with dry shampoo (the best invention ever!) I sectioned it off about 1/3 of the way down my head and put the top portion in a clip. I then slightly teased the bottom portion of my hair to give the clips in the weft something to latch on to. Finally I clipped in the extension, took my hair out of the clip and combed through my hair again to make sure everything was blended. Sometimes I'll need to readjust the placement depending on how my hair is falling, I don't want any of the top part of the weft to be visible. I then used my favorite curling iron with the one inch attachment and curled everything, both my natural hair and the extensions. I find it easier to do this with everything in it's place, rather than curling the extensions before putting them in. This also makes them blend better since they are getting curled with my real hair. Finally, I pulled back the pieces around my face and clipped them together in the back for this half up/half down look! I hope that all made sense, it's kind of hard (and long) to explain the whole process :) 

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