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First Trimester Must Haves

Monday, January 9, 2017

I've read a lot of blogs, watched a lot of Youtube vides, and spoken to countless friends and family members who have been pregnant so I am well aware that pregnancy is super different for everyone, but this was my experience. I've seen those weekly pregnancy questionaries floating around the internet so I've decided to kind of make my own! I'm planning to do this only a few times, probably after each trimester with my recommendations for what helped me! 
My first trimester I was incredibly tried all the time but not sleepy tired more like full body exhaustion and all I wanted to do was lie down. I worked out and was active as often as I could be without overdoing it. There was one Barre class right after I found out we were expecting where I'm pretty sure I was seconds away from passing out. Luckily the instructor was about 7 months pregnant so she totally got it but it was still super embarrassing. I definitely learned to listen to my body a lot more after that experience. I started to take things slower and lower the weights I was doing previous to being pregnant. 
While I was lucky that I never actually got sick, aka threw up, I did feel incredibly nauseous every single day. If you've ever been hung over, that is exactly what it felt like to me, only it never went away. It was definitely worse when I went long stretches without eating so I tried to snack every few hours, even if all I could stomach was some salty crackers. 
Weight Gain:
I stayed the same pre-pregnancy weight for the entire first trimester. However, since I was working out way less my guess is I did actually gain a little weigh but also lost muscle mass, so it all evened out. 
I craved everything bland and salty, intriguing I know :) Salt bagels with butter was my jam. I also craved a lot of Asian style food; Chinese, sushi (minus the raw fish), Thai, Ramen. Which was odd since typically I do not like that food at all. I think it was the most likely the high levels of salt. I couldn't stomach any meat, I tried as hard as I could to get one serving down a day for the babe but it was a struggle. Also most all vegetables, especially salad, was not something I could stomach. 
I didn't show at all during the first trimester, kept it very easy to hide! 
 I could be wrong (maybe I should double check with Mike ;) ) but I don't remember being moody at all. I was my normal balance of happy/sad/anxious/etc. However, I do think I got more emotional when reading/hearing other people's stories of being pregnant, giving birth, etc. 
Okay, now on to the good stuff! My first trimester must haves:
Stretch-Mark Cream and Body Oil - I couldn't decide which one to get, so I purchased both. I use both daily, the lotion after I shower and the oil before I get into bed at night. The oil at night is my favorite routine since I ever so slightly feel like I'm at the spa. I am about half way through both, so they definitely last a while! 
Lindy's Italian Ice - Life. Savers. While I craved mostly salty things, I also had an unquenchable thirst. These bad boys were a nightly ritual and helped with the thirst, nauseous, and the fruity juice was amazing. I prefer these over the Luigi's, which I loved when I was little. I feel like they were less creamy (oh yeah, I also hated all diary) and more natural tasting. 
Lavender Essential Oil - My brother and his girlfriend gave me a diffuser for my birthday last year and ever since I've loved diffusing oils at night. The lavender has always been a favorite but especially during the first trimester. It was calming, relaxing, and added to that spa like feeling from the body oil. 
Leggings - Since pajamas are not acceptable to wear out of the house, I lived (and continue to live) in leggings. They are comfortable, stretchy, and you can look put together with them on. Since I was constantly feeling horrible, getting the energy to look nice was low on my list. Leggings helped. This brand is my favorite and they go high, so I'm hoping they fit for most of the pregnancy! 
Good 'ole H20 - If you're ever wondering if just maybe you're pregnant, ask yourself? Am I drinking more water in one day than I normally drink in a week? If yes, maybe get you're self a test. That is exactly what happened to me and the thirst has not subsided. I'm notoriously bad at drinking water and even though I was constantly thirsty, it was still a struggle to drink water. (I know, it makes no sense). So having a water bottle with a straw made it better for me. Also get a big water bottle. 
What to Expect App - Just like the book our mom's read, only now in a convenient app! I actually use this one and the Baby Center app. They both essentially do the same thing but have slightly differently information so I like to look at them both. They tell you how big your baby is, how it's changing/growing that week, and there are even forums you can join and chat in with other moms in the same week as you! 
Prenatal Vitamins - I love this vitamin brand so purchasing their prenatal was a no-brainer. They taste like grapefruit and give me and the babe all the extra folic acid and other things are necessary to grow-baby-grow! 
Okay, I think that is it! I am a few weeks into the second trimester now and already feeling so much better! I would love to know if any of you have must-haves for the second or third trimester, please share! 
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