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Our Favorite Christmas Card Yet + Life Update

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dress / Balloons 
It's no secret this blog has been quiet lately. If I'm being honest it's actually been a few months that it's slowly grown more and more quiet. Well, there are many reasons why, the most incredible reason being that Mike and I are expecting a baby due this spring! 

We shared the news with all of our family and friends in this years Christmas card, which included the photo above. Christmas is absolutely my favorite time of year and I could not think of a more special way to announce our growing family then with a Christmas card/pregnancy announcement. We have been overjoyed with the out pouring of love and excitement from all of our family and friends about the news and I couldn't wait to share it with all of my readers as well. 

Beyond that exciting news, if you'll remember my last life update post, we also moved in to our new house the week after Thanksgiving! We spent the better half of fall packing, more packing, and prepping for the big move. Between working full time, preparing for the new house, and being pregnant, finding time to look cute and get out to shoot looks was incredibly hard for me.

My hope for the new year is to get back to blogging regularly and have lots of new content to share with you all!

I hope everyone has a wondering Christmas or Holiday, however you celebrate I hope it's filled with family, friends, and amazing food!

I will see you all in 2017!

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  1. Congratulations!! So excited for your growing family!


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