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Black + Grey - Fall Neutrals

Friday, November 18, 2016


While wearing only neutrals isn't typically my go-to, there is something so refreshing about it in the cooler months. The trees are losing their leaves and the grass, it's color, so for some reason wearing less color and more neutrals makes me feel like I blend with my surroundings more. 

This scarf was a purchase last year from Old Navy and it's since been a favorite. It's technically a blanket scarf but it's rectangle rather than square making it the perfect scarf to just drape over the neck. It can definitely be over powering to the outfit so keeping everything else neutral helps the scarf standout even more. I didn't intentionally wear almost all Old Navy this day but I'm loving this sweater with leggings. It's the perfect length that is covers your back end but not too long that it looks like a dress. You can always wear this sweater with jeans but leggings are obviously much more comfortable. 

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