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Striped Shirt and Fall Vest + A Life Update

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Vest / Similar Turtle Neck / Jeans / Moccasins / Sunglasses / Purse

Alright let's just squash the elephant in the room, yes, I bought this vest in the children's section. It's super soft and one of my favorite color combinations, how could I resist! Fall is my absolute favorite time to wear vests. It's a little too warm for a full coat but too chilly without something so a vest is the perfect fit. While this vest is definitely more casual, there are vest for every occasion. From fleece vests to down vests and even jean vests, all are perfect for throwing on over your favorite fall outfit. 

I also wanted to take today to explain a quick life update. I'm sure you've noticed that my posting schedule has been all over the place and my social media channels have been pretty quiet. I typically post 3x a week and at least once a day on Instagram but lately that has been far from the case. Well the truth is life has been very crazy for the past many months for one big reason. Mike and I are building a house! 

We are much farther along now than that picture shows and are definitely on the home stretch, woo hoo! I don't share tons of personal information here on the blog, mostly for security reasons, so I haven't yet mentioned it but I figured it was time. We sold our first home almost a year ago and have been living with Mike's parents ever since. We are SO thankful for them opening their home to us and giving us a place to live while we build our house. 

The reason it's been kind of silent lately is because his parents recently sold their house and are renovating a new one so we have been temporarily living with family for the past few weeks while that house is finished. Soon enough we will be living once gain with Mike's parents in their NEW home and once again feel so grateful they are helping us out. 

However for the past few weeks and probably for the next two weeks, most all of our belongings have been in a moving truck waiting to move into that newly renovated house so I've been very out of sorts. Beyond that we haven't been in our own space so it's hard to find the time to be creative and get  out there to shoot new looks. 

Hopefully you all understand! I promise it will get back to normal soon but for now, please bear with me while we work through this unstable (yet super exciting!) time! 

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