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Flares and Lace

Monday, October 3, 2016


It's no secret that the 70's vibe is going to be a big trend for fall. Think flares, fringe, vests, suede, and funky patterns. While it's super fun, it's definitely a trend I personally don't think will last for too many more seasons, but right now I'm loving it. When trying out a new trend that I am not to sure about, I always opt for the clothing on the less expensive end. That way if the trend only lasts one season or I realize it's not for me, I didn't invest my hard earned money into something I won't wear. 

In this case, enter Forever 21. Okay, okay so I might be just a smidge older than 21 but I still think the store is perfect for scooping up the latest trendy items at the lowest prices. I usually stick to shopping online for Forever 21, first of all it's way easier to see all the options (the stores are always so full and overwhelming) and you can shop in your pajamas, what's better? 

I picked up these flares, shirt, and under tank top at Forever 21 near the end of the summer. I'd been wanting flares since last year but never purchased any and I have to say I love these. They are super stretchy, which I appreciate, and the perfect length for a shorter heel. I was comfortable in them all night, even after indulging in a super delicious and filling meal. Plus, the price point can't be beat, I would highly recommend them. The shirt is now sold out, which I am super bummed about, but there are plenty of other cheaper options out there that give the same effect. 

It's safe to you, you'll probably be seeing a lot of these jeans this fall!

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  1. loving the flares on you! I agree, definitely something trendy that won't last - so I gave flares a shot with a pair from Old Navy.

    xo, Maddy


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