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The Softest Plaid Shirt

Friday, August 5, 2016

Plaid Shirt (My fav, on sale!) / Treasure & Bond Shorts, Old (Similar) / Old Navy Booties, Old (Similar) / Purse / Necklace / Sunglasses / Earrings / Extensions

Like I talked about in Wednesday's post, I'm all about pieces that can be worn year round. Last year I was gifted a Rails plaid shirt for an event I hosted (see here!). I had heard about the brand before but was not very familiar with it. The plaid shirt was by far the softest thing I had ever worn plus it was perfect for fall. I'm embarrassed to tell you how often I wore it but I also had to be cautious since it's base color was white and #ispilleverything. 

I've had my eye on a new, more spill friendly color, ever since but never pulled the trigger because of the price tag. However, the other day I was returning something and found these plaid shirts for almost half off! I literally couldn't check out fast enough. I also clearly couldn't wait until fall to wear it but was perfectly comfortable in shorts and booties with the shirt! Despite the fact the it's a plaid shirt, it is quite airy and breezy! 

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