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My Favorite Makeup - Summer 2016

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I don't know about you but I am, by nature, a really nosy person. Some of my favorite blogs to read are  "day in the life" or "what's in my bag?". Other people's routines interest me so much. I've definitely done a make up post before but it's been a while and my favorites have for sure changed so I figured it was time for an updated post!

Make Up Bag - I just recently purchased this make up bag mostly for the color (#noshame) but also for the size. It's much smaller than other bags I have and I've found it's way easier to find what I need when I'm traveling since I'm forced to pair down what I bring due to the size. 

Perfume - A friend once told me to purchase a new perfume to use for the first time on the day of my wedding. I followed that advice and also wore it every day of our honey. Since then I try to wear it on date nights or special occasions when it's just Mike and me. Now, every time I wear it, I am transported back to that magical day and all the other special days I've worn it since. It was some of the best advice I've ever been given!

Lash Serum - Another great find from my wedding (almost a year ago now!). I have pretty short and thin lashes but love the look of them being think and full. I purchased this serum during last year's Nordstrom Sale (it's on sale again!) and still have so much left. It is pricey but it also works. I was very hesitant but my lashes are absolutely longer, though I'm not sure more full. I used it everyday until I reached my desired length, which took about a month, and now use it about once a week to maintain that length. 

Gimme Brow - I never knew brows mattered until I started using this, now I feel incomplete without it. I am not talented enough to use brown pencils, or gels, or pomades to shape my brows but this stuff just glides over your natural shape leaving them thicker and darker than before. 
Color: Light

Powder Foundation - I used to be a Bare Minerals girl but once I tried this, I was officially converted. For me, it gives a much fuller coverage and the color options match me better. I did purchase the matching brush and use that to apply it. I've been using it for almost two years now and haven't look back at my Bare Minerals. 

Bronzer - This bronzer smells like chocolate, enough said? No but really, I love the color and the fact that it's matte. I  can wear it all year round by adjusting how heavy I am with it to match my natural tan as it fluctuates throughout the year. 
Color: Medium/Dark

Mascara - I do use a white mascara base, which I think helps make my lashes longer and thicker, but the finishing step is what really matters. This formula is very wet, which I know some people don't prefer, but I love that it make my lashes fuller, darker, and thicker. 
Color: Black

All the lips:
Red - I received this from Sephora from my birthday and it was the first red lip I've ever worn. I really think the undertones match my skin color perfectly and it's super easy to apply. 
Color: Cruella 

Pink - This pink matte lip stain is something I often reach for. It makes my teeth look whiter and is the perfect lip to match almost any outfit. 
Color: Obsession 

Nude-pink - Yes, I gave the Kardashians money but I couldn't help it! I had to know what all the fuss was about and I actually like it. It's a really nice, nude color, that is perfect for everyday. I do think the formula is a bit drying but if you exfoliate your lips before hand, it's really not noticeable. 
Color: Koko K

I would love to know what your favorite make up product is!

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  1. I gave the Kardashians money too lol. I actually really like her lip products. They're very long lasting and the pigment is so strong.


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