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Monday, March 14, 2016

On Him: Watch c/o / Shirt / Jeans / Sunglasses 

Every March we spend one weekend up in Vermont at one my sorority sisters ski houses with about twenty other people for a weekend full of skiing, eating and drinking, and being unplugged from the world. This past weekend was very different from years past since it was sixty degrees, sunny, and absolutely no snow! No one went skiing this year, instead we spent Saturday playing lawn games and enjoying the sun. It was still so much fun and felt so nice to spend the weekend in the mountains with friends! Plus, with a view like that (see above!) no one wanted to be inside!

While Mike and I spend many hours a week taking pictures together for the blog, we rarely take photos with each other, so we took the opportunity to have one of our friends snap some pictures of us this past weekend! Mike has always been a watch guy and never goes without wearing one. He has pretty high standards when it comes to watches including comfort, durability, and style and this watch from MVMT met all of his requirements! He has yet to take it off since it came in the mail! I was super excited I could get a similar style watch since I secretly love to coordinate our outfits :) This was my first leather banded watch and I'm loving the more casual vibe of the watch plus the pearl face is right up my alley!

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