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White Peplum

Friday, January 8, 2016


It's that time of year again, when I freeze my butt off to get some blog content! I try and pick the warmer days of the week to shoot but it was either cold and sun or warm and rain, so sun and cold it was! It's crazy how quickly you can get pictures done when you're freezing :)

Wednesday marked one year since Mike got down on one knee and proposed. It also happened to be our three month wedding anniversary so we made reservations at an Italian place we had been wanting to try and celebrated! 

I wore this white peplum top (and avoided any mariana sauce) to dinner and loved it! Sometimes peplum can hit in a weird spot on the torso but this one hit me in the perfect spot! I also love that the back is a little longer than the front! The fabric was also a little thicker, making it perfect for a winter date! Safe to say this top is a keeper!

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