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Staying Casual with Lily Grace

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

We all have the days where we just want to be comfortable and stay casual, on these days you can normally find me in an oversized T-shirt or super soft sweatshirt. Once I graduated college, I realized it was time to retire my old, dingy sorority tees and even high school sports paraphernalia. But then, what to wear? Enter Lily Grace. They have super soft and comfortable t-shirts, long sleeves, and spirit jerseys of all styles, colors, and super cute patterns! They are exactly what I was looking for to feel just a little bit more put together while still staying comfortable and casual! 

For reference, the navy blue one is a small and the teal shirt is a medium :) I like options! 

I am also loving this, this, and this!


Thank you to Lily Grace for sponsoring this post!
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