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Neon Pom Pom

Thursday, July 2, 2015

I've been home this whole week working from my parent's lake house and I learned something interesting this week. I grew up in this town and I realized I've taken the scenery for granite. I never realized how beautiful my town was or how many amazing views it has. From the lakes to the mountains to the tall trees and green grass, it really is stunning! I guess it takes growing up and moving away to realize how special your little town is!  

Now, on to this dress! I originally ordered this is my normal size and it was way too big so if you order it be sure to size down! The waist has a draw string so you can pull it tight at whatever height flatters your body most, which is nice for all different heights! I'm especially loving the bright colors and the neon pom poms! This is the first item of clothing I have ever had with pom poms and it might not be my last, they are so fun!! I just wish I had brought my new favorite necklace to wear! 


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  1. I love your dress today! Such a perfect summer find (and a fab price!) :)


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