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Women's Day with Stargazer Barn

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Today, March 8th is Women's Day and in celebration of that Stargazer Barn was nice enough to send me tulips, coffee, and chocolate! Women's Day is recognized by celebrating, honoring, and respecting all the women in your life - moms, daughters, teachers, bosses, grandmas, coworkers, etc. It's a day to celebrate all the accomplishments of the women you know. 

While this holiday is widely celebrated internationally, it is not as recognized here in America and Stargazer Barn along with American Grown Flowers are trying to change that. Send some American Grown Flowers to a women you would like to celebrate! 

Also, if you are ever in Northern California, be sure to check out Stargazer Barn because it is truly a dreamy venue! 

P.S. I'm wearing this sweater - on sale! 

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