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The Answer Is Yes.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I am so, so, so excited about today's post and to share you the most special night of my life. I am mostly writing this post for my memory and to look back on one day so I apologize in advance if it's a length one :)

One week ago today I had gone to a friends house to watch the Bachelor premier. It's a tradition I have with two of my friends ( Hi Korrin and Ashley!) so it didn't seem weird to me when Mike suggested I get together with them to watch it. Since I live about 1.5 hours away from my friends, I slept over Monday night and planned to take the bus home Tuesday after work. 

I was under the impression that Mike was at an all day meeting and he had dropped off our dog, Libby, at doggy daycare that morning. He even texted saying the drop off went successful! 

Fast forward to 7:45 PM when Mike picked me up with Libby at the bus station. I asked how his day was and how Libby did at day care. He told me they loved her like always and his meetings went great. It was just a typical night. 

When we got home, I got out of the car carrying Libby and walked towards the door. To my surprise Mike was in front of me. Normally he would have taken my luggage out of the car as well as Libby's bed that was in the back seat. I can't remember a time when he didn't immediately empty the car. I thought this was a little strange but he also had dinner in the oven so I didn't really think twice about it. 

As we are standing at the door and Mike was unlocking it we had a conversation that went a little like this:

Mike - "I'll take Libby inside"
Me- "No, that's okay, I've got her"
Mike - "No, really, I can get her"
Me - "Okay..."

I found this a little weird since we were literally at the door so I couldn't understand why he was adamant about taking her from me. Once I handed her over he told me to close my eyes and wait outside as he had a surprise for me. I did as I was told and was led into the house where I remained with my eyes closed. Then Mike gave me the go ahead to open my eyes. 

When I opened them, Mike was down on one knee with a ring box in his hand and I immediately started screaming. Full on happy screams for a straight sixty seconds followed by "this is real?" over and over again. It was at that point that Mike pointed above the couch to the sign he had made and said "of course it is!". 

Obviously I said "yes!". 

To me, it was the most perfect proposal I could have ever imagined. I always thought I would know it was coming but I was absolutely shocked and had zero idea what I was about to walk in to that night. So much so that I hadn't washed my hair or put on any makeup :) 

It was a truly magical night and I cannot wait to marry that man. 

Oh, and that sign? You best believe it will be living on my wall forever. Who knew he was so crafty??

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  1. Congratulations!! Such a sweet story (& such a cute sign)!!

  2. Seriously SO sweet! Im so happy for you, girl!

  3. Congratulations, Emily! Loved reading your proposal story. What an exciting time for you!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  4. OMG congratulations lady!!! So, so excited for you, and what a sweet proposal! We should talk New England wedding planning if you're doing it around here :) And I was the same way-- 0 makeup, totally gross clothes (I was wearing his ratty sweater)-- some photos that made for! :P

    1. Thank you so much, Emily!! We are so so so excited!! We should definitely talk New England wedding planning. We booked a place yesterday (so quick!) and it will definitely be in the area!! I can't wait to hear about all you have been planning :) xoxo!


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