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Boots With The Fur

Thursday, January 15, 2015

I first wanted to say thank you to everyone who reached out to us about our engagement! It was so fun to get love notes, emails, and Instagram comments congratulating us on our special announcement! You all are the best :)

Now, back to the regular scheduled programming...

Snow boots are essential in New England so I've never been more excited for a trend to take off. If you have been on Instagram (follow me here!) or read any blogs this winter, you'll know they are as stylish as ever. Sketchers was so kind as to send me these adorable snow boots! They are super warm and I'm loving the fur detailing at the top! I'm not normally a person who should wear white (#ispilleverything) but the material of these makes it so they whip clean! If all white clothes did that, I would have a new favorite color to wear! 

Sweater, Sold Out (Love this one on sale!) / Vest / Jeans / Sunglasses / Boots / Beanie - Made by my Meme

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  1. Super cute look. I see you're hitting several trends here. Fair Isle, the beanie and the Sorel inspired boot. You're a New England girl and I'm an Eastcoast girl. I'm sure you've grown up wearing these looks. I grew up on Long Islang and boat shoes, duck boots & Fair Isle were staples in my closet. Isn't it amazing they are popular again? Maybe that means I haven't matured. What I wore in the 90's as a kid I'm still wearing. Hmmm. Whatever the case, you look adorable. Be fan of layers.


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