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Weekend Cheers

Friday, December 5, 2014


I am so excited for 5:00 to be here, Mike has been gone since really early Monday morning for work and he finally comes home tonight! I feel like he has been gone forever so I'm ready for him to be home and to have a nice date night together! Saturday some friends are coming up and we are going to do some Christmas activities, such as walk downtown and look at the huge decorated tree while drinking Starbucks, #basic.

As always here are five links I am loving this week!

1. Every thing you need to know about Concealer

2. Loving this snowflake sweatshirt!

3. 6 Unique Wrapping Paper Ideas

4. I though this article on Buzzfeed about "one size fits all clothing" a la Brandy Melville was super interesting. Also, some of the girls comments had me L-O-L-ing. 

5. This Christmas song is everything. Can't. Stop. Listening. 

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