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Weekend Cheers

Friday, October 31, 2014

Last night I...hopped on a plan to BNA with my girlfriends and a costumeeee (sung to the tune of Party In The USA). No but really, as you read this I am Nashville with a bunch of girlfriends for a long weekend! I actually lived in Nashville for a short time so I'm excited to be back and go to some of my favorite places with my favorite people. One my girlfriends birthday's in on Halloween so you best believe we are wearing coordinating costumes and hitting up the Honky Tonks! However, I'm most excited for Saturday and going on the pedal tavern which I have always wanted to do! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

As always here are five links I am loving this week!

1. 1989. I am the biggest Tay Tay fan and I have to admit after hearing the singles, I was nervous for the "pop" album. I don't like change and I wasn't sure I ready for her to become a pop star. But as always, the girl didn't disappoint. I LOVE it. Blank Space, Style, and Wildest Dream are my favorite's right now!

2. I have lusted over this poncho since Caitlin wore it a while back and now it's available online!

3. Please refer to #1 above, apparently I'm not alone :)

4. Can't wait to try this soup via Absolutely Arkansas!

5. Lauren Conrad's Halloween costume

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