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Weekend Cheers

Friday, October 10, 2014


I am really excited for this coming weekend for many reasons. First of all it's homecoming at my Alma Mater and a bunch of friends are coming up to stay with us for the weekend! It's always such a fun day seeing old friends, tailgating, and hanging out at all our old stomping grounds! Sunday also happens to be mine and Mike's anniversary...yes, it all became official on homecoming, it truly is a magical weekend! I can't wait for my weekend of fun, friends, and love to work over yet?!

As always here are five links I am loving this week:

1. Taylor Swift is releasing a new song: cue me hitting refresh on iTunes for the next four days

2. I've been wanting to pull the trigger on a jumpsuit since spring but haven't found one I love but I'm kinda loving this one

3. I would love to be a guest at this dinner!

4. This coat. I need. (P.S. this coat isn't included but Madewell is having a sale, enter "OHFALL" for 30% off select items!)

5. I think these chicken pot pies will be in my cooking future!

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  1. Great list! I am loving that jumpsuit as well! (Jumpsuits are awesome, by the way, totally worth it!)

    xx colleen

  2. Happy Friday! I'm obsessed with Taylor Swifts new song as well :) It's my favorite! Hope you have a great homecoming weekend!!


    Dimples of Dixie


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