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Weekend Cheers

Friday, August 1, 2014


This weekend I will be going down the Cape for a long weekend. I am so excited to be by the ocean, relax, and see Trace Adkins on Sunday night! It's going to be a great weekend away. I leave right from the Cape to go away for a week for work so I'm going to need to pack for two separate trips and I haven't even started yet, oops. Luckily, I am a very fast packer! 

Have you entered my giveaway yet for this awesome gold tassel necklace??

As always, here are my favorite links of the week:

1. Why Taylor Swift is the best at Instagram (p.s. I CAN'T wait for her new album to come out this fall, I feel a single is just around the corner....)

2. Lilly Pulizter new arrivals I'll take this, this, and this!

3. Are a Bachelorette fan like me? Were you shocked my Nick's question? So were Andi and Josh

4. Is it 5pm yet? I'm ready for this drink!

5. This is how I feel about growing up too, I feel ya Sadie!

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