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Crushing On: My Hair Care Routine

Monday, August 4, 2014

I have a lot of hair but my actual strands of hair are very thin, or so I was told by my hairdresser. Because of this, my hair often has the qualities of "thin" hair so it tangles easily and gets super greasy. In the past, I had to wash my hair every day and depending on the weather (hi, humidity) I could easily have washed my hair twice a day, that's how greasy it would be. Well, times have changes and it's all thanks to my good friend, dry shampoo. Over the past six months I have transitioned and "trained" my hair to only be washed 2-3 times a week. My hair feels and looks cleaner on wash days and it curls better than ever on non-wash days. I will admit there was a transition period where my hair looked awful on non-wash days for a few weeks but not anymore. Throughout this process, I have tried many different products and these are my favorites for keeping my hair looking fresh!

Batiste - This brand gets lots of love, it was constantly a favorite of other people when I was first researching dry shampoo. I like the "original" one, but the others have odd scents or are for certain colors. The pro to this was the bottle lasted the longest!

Dove - This is by far my favorite! I love the smell and personally for my hair, it definitely works the best. It take away any grease and makes my hair look clean! The only downfall is I find I use it up very quickly!

drybar - I like this one as well! I have only tried it once but I found my curl held better when I used this dry shampoo!

Curling Wand - Normally my routine is I wash my hair, let it air dry and leave it straight for the day. The second day I will usually curl my hair with a curling wand (prior to this routine, my hair would hold a curl for maybe 2 hours) and the 3rd day I will usually create some kind of up-do or touch up the last day's curls!

Creaseless Hair Ties - These hair ties do still leave a minor crease in my hair but overall it's not as bad as a normal hair elastic. Since you won't be washing your hair everyday, avoiding a crease right through the middle is a huge benefit. Plus they come in all sorts of colors so they are really fun!

Deep Conditioner - Since I'm putting dry shampoo in my hair most days and curling it many times a week, I make sure to do a deep conditioner 1-2 times. In the summer, I have found I am doing it almost every time I wash my hair since my hair is also being abused by swimming, sweating, and the sun! This one is my favorite and I have not found one that compares. It leaves your hair feeling like silk and in my mind, brings it back to "normal". 

Do you have a hair care routine? If so, I would love if you shared it with me!

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  1. These are great hair products! I love the macadamia oil as well! I am always looking for new dry shampoos and will have to give the Dove option a try. Happy Monday!


  2. Throughout this process, I have tried many different products and these are my favorites for keeping my hair looking fresh!hair care

  3. Macadamia oil is the best. It's good for so many things. Coconut oil is good too. People do judge by appearances. Good hair products work wonders for your hair and make you feel comfortable.


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