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Weekend Cheers

Friday, May 30, 2014


 This weekend I am officially moving the rest of my stuff in to my boyfriends house and I am so excited to be settled, unpack, and put everything away, this nomadic life is getting to me! Moving can sometimes be stressful but luckily I have been slowly moving over time so it has been pretty easy. I actually will not be around this weekend to help with the rest of the move but I took Monday off of work so I have time to organize everything. 
I've decided I am going to start sharing a few of my favorite links from the week on Friday's. We all know it's the #1 day to procrastinate so in case you need some extra reading, here it is!
1. How It Items Go in - and out - of Fashion via Fashionista
2. My favorite agenda is available for pre-order and I can't wait to pick out this years print!
3. These embellished espadrilles from The Loft are so cute and find twist on a summer staple
4. If you love Pitch Perfect (and if you don't, I'm not sure we can be friends), you'll love these unknown facts
5. Behind the Scenes with an editor of
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  2. HI! your blog is absolutely amazng! Do you mind telling me how you got your instagram pictures to be slideshow on here?

    1. Hello! I just googled "instagram widgets" and found a code to use on my site that linked to my instagram, it was very easy to do!


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