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Crushing On: Small Cosmetic Bags

Monday, May 12, 2014

If you saw my "What's In My Bag" post you'll see I carry with me a small cosmetic bag (it's the Vera Bradley Small Cosmetic). Inside I keep extra contacts, eye drops, Advil, hair ties, bobby pins, mascara, etc., it's just a catch-all for the random things in my purse. I have had my current one for about 8 years (yikes!) and it is looking pretty ragged. The edges are wearing and it's starting to create holes all throughout it. Basically, it's time for a new one. I'm not sure if I want to purchase a new Vera Bradley one, since I know it will last me years, or venture to something new. I've been keeping my eye out and these are just some of the small bags I am thinking about as a replacement. 

Vera Bradley / Tory Burch / Kate Spade / Ted Baker / Marc by Marc JacobsBenefit for LeSportsac

Hoover to see price!

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