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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Moisturizer - Before even thinking about applying makeup you first have to remember to care for your skin. It's essentially your "canvas" and your makeup will always look better when your skin does. I apply moisturizer ever morning and ever night. It is actually my favorite part of my makeup routine as its cool and calming to my skin. 

Concealer - I use this as a brightener under my eyes for the days when I do not get as much sleep as needed. You'll be amazed at the difference when you add a concealer lighter than your foundation color underneath your eyes. This brand has a similar consistency, coverage, and staying power as your high end concealers yet is only a few dollars from the drugstore! Plus there is so much product in each tube, I have had mine for almost six months and still have over a quarter of the bottle left. 

Mascara - I have blonde hair and with that comes blonde eyelashes so if I do not wear mascara it often looks as though I have no eye lashes. Not a cute look. This mascara is amazing, coming from someone who has short, stubby lashes, this mascara really does give them a false look!

Foundation - I was a Bare Minerals lover from the time I started wearing foundation until about five months ago when I discovered this powder foundation from Tarte. It is very similar to the Bare Minerals but I find it makes my skin looked more airbrushed. This one also has a short, stiff kabuki brush which I like using much better than the recommended bare minerals brushes. If you are a lover of Bare Minerals, I highly recommend you try out this foundation next time. 

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