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Outfit Post: Navy Shift

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I'm a girl and I have curves which doesn't necessarily mesh well with your typical shift dress. I find they make me look very large from the side since I have a larger chest so I normally stay away from them. However, I purchased this dress on major sale (the same day I bought this shirt) and only recently pulled it out of my closet. I remembered liking this dress the day I bought it but I had forgotten just how much I loved it. I would define the style as a "shift dress" but it certainly fits better than any shift dress I have tried in the past. It is the perfect length as it hits right above my knee and the back is slightly longer than the front. Besides the length, the dress just fits my body perfectly. I often have a problem with button ups pulling a bit since I have a larger chest but this dress doesn't do that. Overall I am in love with this dress and it has certainly changed my outlook on the "shift" style. Moving forward I am going to be more open to trying styles that I previously thought wouldn't work with my figure.

Madewell Dress, old (similar, similar) / Dolce Vita Wedges (similar) / Ray-Ban Aviators / Vintage Necklace / David Yurman Ring / Louis Vuitton Speedy / Francesa's Earrings, old (similar)

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  1. I tend to have the same trouble with shift dresses - but this one really does have a great fit!!


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