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Outfit Post: Bold Stripes

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I actually bought this sweater from Target a few years ago when they collaborated with Missoni. My roommates and I at the time waited at the store at 7AM until the doors opened, excepting others would be doing the same but we went to a Target in a not-so-nice part of town so it ended up being just us. I haven't worn the sweater many times and recently rediscovered it in my closet. Since the rediscovery, I have probably worn it five separate times in two weeks, so yes I'm obsessed. Its the perfect sweater for the current temps in Boston and I love the bright, bold colors. I also have to mention the J. Crew tank top I am wearing because I am also obsessed with it. I am highly contemplating going back and getting it in many more colors. The fit is ideal for my body and shows off my curves without being too form fitting. 


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  1. Oh I am loving the cardigan!!! It would match so many things!


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