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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Almost four years ago (yikes!) I graduated from college. Since that day, I have moved seven different times to seven different apartments with seven different sets of rules. Never knowing how long I was going to stay and not wanting to do anything too permanent (like paint), I have always relied on pictures and wall art to make a space my own. My go-to when I first graduated was to enlarge pictures of me and my friends or loved ones. While pictures of my friends and I jumping off a dock holding hands are near and dear to my heart, as I grow older, I have started to gravitate towards 'actual' art. has recently released a new collection of wall art and limited art prints on their website. They are very affordable which is important to a semi-recent college grad, like me. The prints are available in all different sizes, shapes and style so finding something that fits an individual's personal aesthetic is easy. Narrowing down my favorites was not a simple task but below are just a few I would love to add to my walls. 

You can even choose to have your print framed when you place your order, it really is a one stop shop.
Check out the collection here and let me know what your favorite pieces!

**Thank you to Minted for Sponsoring this post**

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