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An End to Maternity Leave

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Loft Dress (sold out online but I found in store!) / Sunglasses / Purse / Sandals 

Today is a hard day for me, maternity leave is over and I'm back to work full time. I don't know where the last twelve weeks went or how time can simultaneously go by so fast and so slow. I am so not ready to spend my days focusing on work rather than giving her all my attention. America needs to get it together when it comes to parental leave, 12 weeks is just nowhere near enough time. 

This past weekend, Mike, Poppy, and I spent the whole weekend just as a family. We didn't visit with friends or family and we didn't do anything fancy, we just spent time doing things we love around town. It's funny how such a simple weekend can be so perfect these days. I love this little family of mine and I know there will be some emotional bumps along the way as we adjust to this new, working mom life, but like we'll figure it out. If any of you moms out there have any tips on how to not cry all day, please send them my way! 

I do feel like I need to apologize a little. I haven't shared a birth story, I rarely post pictures of her, and she's going by her nickname, "Poppy", in this little blogging world, rather than her full name. I honestly believe it should be her choice to share her life and well, she's too young to decide that, so we've decided to take some precautions. I feel slightly like a fraud because there is this huge, incredibly important aspect to my life that I touch on but don't dive into with both feet but hopefully everyone can understand that :) 

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Gingham Style

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Despite what some people might be saying, summer is definitely not over. I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to pack away my summer clothes and pull out sweaters and booties. Especially in New England, we have to wear warmer clothes for most of the year so I hold on to my summer wardrobe as long as possible. Today I've rounded up some of my favorite gingham styles for (end of) summer and many are on sale! Do you have a favorite pattern/print/fabric for summer? 

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Apps Every New Mom Needs

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Top c/o / Shorts / Earrings / Necklace / Popsocket

Can we first just chat about the sleeves on this shirt?? They are so fun! Slightly make me feel like a pinata but I'm kinda okay with that. This site is definitely hit or miss but if you read the reviews and order based on sizing and quality feedback you can get some incredible pieces. I ordered this shirt in a medium and felt it fit true to size, I typically order everything in a medium from this site unless the model is wearing a larger size (they list what each model is wearing!) and was happy with the fit. The quality is also up there, pretty thick material that feels much higher end than the price. 

Okay onto today's post; my favorite apps I've been using as a new mom! If you're new around here, we welcomed our daughter at the very end of May and she is now almost three months old. Seriously, where does time go? Two and a half months in and I think we've finally gotten our routine down, figured each other out pretty well, and besides a few fussy days, it's pretty smooth sailing. We've figured out what we like and what we don't and most importantly what makes life easier. Below are the apps we've been using and I'd love to hear what you use and love, I'm always down to try something new! 

Baby Feed Timer ($4.99) - This was suggested by one of my friends and I honestly don't know what I would do without. You're able to track everything from how much baby eats to when they sleep and how many dirty diapers they have. I typically use it to track which side I'm supposed to be nursing on, how long she eats, and any bottle feeds or pumping sessions. There are so many times I think I know what side I'm on only to open the app and realize I was wrong. I also use this app as an alarm to know when she needs to eat next. Most of the time during the day she eats more frequently than every 3 hours but if she happens to be content or sleeping, it's a good way to know when the little peanut needs to feed. It also has an analytics tab to see everything baby's doing in graphs and categories, which is fun #nerdalert. 

What to Expect / Baby Center (Both FREE) - These were the two apps I used to follow along with the progression of my pregnancy. They tell you baby's size, how baby is developing, and give lots of articles to read along the way. Both of them transition into a baby development app once you deliver so you can still learn how baby is changing and growing. However, my favorite part of both of these apps is the forums. Nursing leaves you a lot of time to sit and think or sit and wonder/worry about little things so I often find myself searching in the app all my crazy thoughts. Is she nursing too much/too little? What are those white dots on her face? Should she have smiled by now? When will she recognize my face? Luckily many other mothers have asked these questions and answered them within the forums in these two apps so you can spend hours reading what others have gone through. Warning: this can also have a Web MD effect and make you worry about things you shouldn't be. Take everything with a grain of salt :) 

Wonder Weeks ($1.99) - I've read so many positive reviews on this app within the app store, from other bloggers, and even personal acquaintances on Facebook but I can't say I'm totally sold...yet. Basically it's an infographic calendar that tells you when the baby is going to be fussy (displayed by storm clouds) or happy (displayed by sunshine). It's based off of the baby's due date and tracks mental "leaps" which are when they are learning new development skills and often get fussy during these times of change. I do like the information on the "leaps" and reading/learning about those but for my daughter anyway, the calendar hasn't been super accurate. There are fussy times when the calendar shows sun and perfectly content days when the calendar shows storm. I have had some accurate days but overall I'm not sure my daughter is totally in sync with it. That might change as she grows though, we will see. I also don't know that I like seeing the storm clouds in the future, I kinda prefer to take each day as it comes and not expect a certain emotion from my baby. 

1SE ($4.99) - Hands down my favorite app to use. Not necessarily baby related (you could use it no matter what stage of life you're in) but I think the #1 app a new mom needs. Again, a friend referred me to this app and basically you take a one second video every day (hence the name!) and it stitches all the days together to make one continuous video. You can either take the video within the app or upload a video you took that day, however if you miss a day, you can't go back and fill it in. We started using it when Poppy was 2 weeks old and it's already so emotional and incredible to see how much she's grown. There is something so different about watching a video of each day rather than just seeing pictures. I won't even tell you how many times a day I watch the video :) 

Now share, what's your favorite app? Either as a new mom or not, I'd love to know!

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What to Give at a Baby Shower

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Storage Bin / Bows / Onsie / Blanket / Bottle / Spoons / Book / Pineapple (all c/o Baby Cubby)

Now that my friends have started to have babies and we welcomed our own little girl in May, I feel like I've gotten a good handle on this whole baby shower thing and figured out how to craft the perfect gift. Today I've put together a gift basket (or technically storage bin) for a baby girl with a little of everything inside. It's a great alternative to getting just one big item. Instead you can get a few of the little things on the registry and even throw a few gifts momma might not know she wants.  This basket is about $150 worth of items so it's also the perfect gift to split with friends and give a group gift! 

Everything I'm sharing is from my friends over at Baby Cubby. I wish I knew about this site before my shower because they have the best of everything and you can register right on their site!

Kickee Pants onsie - Hands down the softest pajamas out there. We have a few pairs and Poppy sleeps in them every night. They are the perfect weight for summer and almost feel cool to the touch. I included a grey Kickee Pants onsie in 3-6 mo. as I found that we received the most clothes in 0-3mo. so gifting items for a little older is a great thought! 

Pom pom storage bin - Everyone can use more storage, whether they end up using the bin for toys, books, or even on the changing table to hold diaper rash cream, lotion, etc. it won't go unused. For both baby and weddings showers, I love gifting with a useful item, in this case a cute pink pom pom bin! 

Bows - What little girl wouldn't look adorable in a bow? I loved the colors of these for fall/winter but there are tons of other color options in this 3 pack. 

Super soft blanket - One thing we did receive an abundance of was blankets. Which is ironic because babies aren't even supposed to use them/sleep with them anymore. This blanket is actually smaller and more like a "lovie" that a baby can use as they grow older. I loved the idea that it's still a super soft blanket but in a size for the baby to hold and love on rather than another blanket that can't be used in the crib. 

Bottle - One piece of advice I received from a friend when registering was to register for a few different brands of bottles and binkys because you never know what your child is going to prefer. This is just one bottle so it's perfect for momma to try out and if her baby loves them, she can always purchase more! 

Spoons - We didn't register for anything for feeding Poppy when she gets a little older, it honestly didn't even cross my mind so now I will always include a little something for when that time comes. I loved the long handle on these spoons, it seems like it would be really easy to scoop into a jar/container without the food getting everywhere. 

Tickle Monster book - A lot of showers (including my own) I've been to lately have asked everyone to bring a book rather than a card, which I love! I loved reading as a kid and I hope my children do as well so having a well stocked library is essential. This book looked hilarious and I can't wait to read it with Poppy when she gets a little older. 

Pineapple Rattle - Honestly I just thought this rattle was super cute! It was an extra fun little piece to throw in the mix but is also useful when the baby gets a little older. Maybe they can start a band and use this as a maraca! 

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